Hi, my name is Reiner Gärtner, and I am a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) with lots of communication and business experience. I am a seasoned user and consumer, media expert, journalist, coach, consultant, and project manager. With my family of 6, I live in the Greater Newcastle region in Jewells, Lake Macquarie.

I want to be around curious, informed and generous people who are good to each other, and create things for the better — in a healthy, respectful and nurturing way.

As a Scrum Master, I empower teams to think and act more agile — to create true value, and to stop wasting energy and lifetime for unnecessary work. Depending on the setup and the maturity of the team, organisation and stakeholders, I act as a guide, facilitator, coach, consultant, and advisor.

To ignite and sustain change for the better, I provide more than an agile toolkit. Deeply rooted in a team, I offer presence, focus and a secure space for us to courageously and openly tackle the unknown; to mutually trust, explore, learn, inspect, adapt, and to grow both professionally and as human beings.

A true digital native

I grew up in Germany with 2 TV channels, a Commodore 64, Turbo Tape, no mobile phones and lots of freedom to roam around on my bicycle and a soccer ball. However, I belong to the tribe of the First Digital Natives (online since 1988).

I have been journalistically following and covering “the Internet” since 1992. Ask me about CompuServe, Netscape and the very early days of Google. From 1997-2003, I was fortunate to witness the Dotcom startup developments as a foreign correspondent first-hand from the US (San Francisco and Portland) and Canada (Vancouver).

Yadda, yadda, yadda, after my return to Europe, a stint in Canberra, back to Germany, I am glad to report that Newcastle (actually Lake Mac) might be the final destination of this journey. Happy to be here since August 2019.

My Life in 69,000 km

As you can see, I have come a long way to get here. And you know what: I even saw the Dog on the Tucker box!

Communication is key

Before becoming a Scrum Master, I acted as an invisible “superglue” between marketing, editorial, project management and technical areas. I felt especially comfortable within the topic deltas of emerging technologies, IT, engineering, renewable energies, climate change, sustainability, and finance. I speak English, German, Marketing, Agile, Empathy and Tech.

Being a motivated self-learner and jack of all media, I am good at geeking out on many more things than just technology (umm, still do not understand the fascination of cricket).

Also, I have been a productivity hacker for a long time — not in an obsessive way, but to make space for a healthy and purposeful life. It could also be that German Engineering and a structured way of thinking and straight communication are just baked into my DNA.

My skills

All my professional life, I have been breathing technology and the spirit of Can Do. On my way to here, I have picked up many skills:

I have started to explain a few of the relevant projects in the projects section of this website. Check out my notes describing my journey towards “all agile“.

Need more? Here is my CV.

Would you be interested in my services? Connect via LinkedIn or enquire here.