Corporate Responsiblity Reporting Project Management



Corporate Reporting standards are quite complex and detailed in Europe. A large B2B presences i in the finance sector had to report their CR measures and activities of the entire group (the company is a global player with around 40,000 employees, representing over 100 countries). The company is active worldwide in different sectors with many sub-companies (groups), and reported in 2019 a profit of €2,7bn (AUD 4bn). The challenge of the annual CR reporting is to coordinate all internal stakeholder on all continents, get and compile data and contents for the comprehensive CR reporting and to publish the report in all media and channels within tight deadlines.


In this project, I acted as an agile project manager (contents, translations, graphics, and development), writer, editor, quality assurer and developer (CMS) in 5 consecutive years. Together with the project owner and the internal team, we had to deliver the entire report by a certain deadline. However, to get there, we decided on a “minimal viable CR report” approach by focussing on the most important measures and contents first. For the editorial pages, I interviewed the internal experts and wrote articles. Although we did not properly work in Scrum Sprints, we continually optimised workflows and communication.


The Corporate Reporting was always published in time and in high quality.

Within three months, we created the following materials: